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Randroid 4channer commentates on child slavery.

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Randroid 4channer commentates on child slavery.


Morphs of Gordon Ramsay, Michael Bay, Gary Busey, Ron Paul, Hugh Laurie, Harry Potter, George Clooney, Tyrion Lannister, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I was there when it happened and it was glorious.

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Morphs of Gordon Ramsay, Michael Bay, Gary Busey, Ron Paul, Hugh Laurie, Harry Potter, George Clooney, Tyrion Lannister, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I was there when it happened and it was glorious.

In fact, I’m gonna go submit shōta royalty to shotakings’ submission box, just to piss off the pedophilia tag more.



reminder that shota/loli urls are not ok, that words like shota and loli are directly connected to a japanese industry that caters to the strong pedophile network there, and their history of child abuse and exploitation, and that it can only be remotely reclaimed by japanese victims of child exploitation and abuse, and that if you have a shota/loli url you are not only a pedophilia apologist but a racist, since you’re appropriating a harmful culture that isnt yours. have a nice day shotakings

I almost want to change my URL to “Forty Shōtas in your Lolis” just to piss you off now.

The new theme is finally live. As much as I like Optica, writing my own shit always feels better.

Career choices

Blair: imagine his kid saying that to a teacher
Blair: "my daddy visits a website with kids"
Vas: why would I talk about websites with kids with my kids though
J.J.: lmao
Vas: I mean, I guess I could have a ridiculously photogenic kid
Vas: and want to get them in the business
J.J.: *snorts*


YOOO! Having sex or flirting with someone (underage or otherwise) when having a position of power or authority is RAPE. And being famous is both of those things.

Today I learned: women everywhere living out their David Cumberbatch, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber and/or Robert Downey wet dreams is LITERALLY RAPE. Also if you’re famous you’re not allowed to date or flirt with anyone because it’s also LITERALLY RAPE.

#pedophilia tag, everyone.



After Homosexuality is normalized society wide.

> 5 years: Pedophilia

> 10 years: Incest

> 15 years: Beastiality

20 years: genetically engineered loli catgirl younger sister sex slave pets

25 years: MPreg

30 years: clitorises turn into futa cocks

35 years: human male cocks surgically altered into equine cocks to compete

40 years: everyone turns into a tentacle monster

45 years: the plot from 2012

50 years: Buddha cosplaying Jesus descends from the skies

The Forensic Examiner - False Rape Allegations: An Assault On Justice

I dedicate this article to those who think the prevalence of false rape accusations is a resolved problem of forensics that no one disagrees with. Obviously, the author adopts some extreme positions, but if you are of the opinion that the prevalence is 2% and set in stone, or worse yet, that false accusations never happen, you should probably read that.

inb4 “sexism, misogyny, rape apologetics!”

Anonymous said:

Woah dude, I know this is gonna sound dumb and like "oh god another offended transman blah blah" but I wasnt offended, just wanted to say this is a transguy who loves your blog and agrees with MOST of what you say, even that most trans guys suck, just idk wanted to tell you for some stupid reason

I don’t understand, you don’t sound offended. And I’ve never said that most trans men suck. I think trans people should be allowed to transition, to change their legal gender, get married, have kids, and in general be treated like human beings.

The only potentially controversial thing you’ll see on this blog pertaining to trans issues is me making fun of cis people who think they’re trans because their gender expression doesn’t match certain idealised archetypes. The term for these people is colloquially “transtrenders”. Also various other idiots like otherkin or transethnics.

The newfound hatred towards trans men is baffling. Though I will admit it’s entertaining watching the LGBT community gradually tear itself apart, as the snowflakes try to out-insane each other and melt away in the process. Basically if you aren’t a radfem cis lesbian, some part of the LGBT community will deny your existence.

May it burn to the ground, so from it ashes may emotional maturity arise. And the liquidised remains of otherkin, demi/grey/asexuals, multiple systems, and transtrenders will fertilise the ground for a scientifically literate and mentally healthy population.

Another day, another vegan comparing eating meat to rape, child abuse, and the Holocaust, then turning around and wondering why no one likes vegans.

Hint: it’s cause you’re horrible people.

Invested $10K in Bitcoin 3.5 months ago. I’m currently down 44%. Unfazed & trying to get my wife to read Andreesen’s NYT article “Why Bitcoin Matters”. Any suggestions?!? Already paid off the mortgage but have 3 kids getting ready to go to college in the coming years. I am playing with that money now. Need buy-in from the wife. A challenge. Elevator speech needed fast!

Randroid redditor bitcoiner with amazing investing skills and totally not having a gambling problem loses half of his kids’ college fund during a bitcoin crash, now asks fellow bitcoiners for help convincing his wife he should be allowed to lose the other half too.

Transtrender awards 2014

Vas: did a transtrender really call transgenderism a choice?
J.J.: So many already have.
J.J.: It shouldn't be surprising.
Vas: ...
J.J.: I was seeing this shit back when I first got on here, so....
Vas: I don't believe you
Vas: this literally goes against everything the LGBT movement has been saying since the dawn of time
Vas: no one can be THAT stupid
J.J.: Okay, maybe not when I FIRST got on here, but for at least a few months now.
J.J.: Yeah, I know.
Vas: if I don't see a post of someone saying that I'm not gonna believe it
Vas: I REFUSE to believe it
Vas: ...
Vas: ………………………………………………
Vas: I wanna kill myself now

If you really think the Colbert Report should be cancelled over a joke the host didn’t make in a context you weren’t aware of with satire that flew over your head and for which apologies have already been issued, there’s no hope left for you. I suggest going to church, because science can’t fix whatever crippling condition has befallen you.