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For strawberryr :P

Oh man, posting shit from Liquid in the pedophilia tag is top-notch trolling. 10/10 feeling ashamed I didn’t think of that. Probably because I want to get banned for something less obvious.

If you sometimes wonder whether the multiple planes of reality tag is for real, worry not: I’m baffled sometimes too. But to address your worries, yes, it is for real.

In Defense of Sweatshops and Child Labor: A Response to the “Sweat Free” Activists

Randroid blogger’s essay on why sweatshops and child labour are awesome.

Hide your bleach and tell your kid to look both ways before crossing the street. If they fail to follow your directions, one less idiot in the world.

Randroid redditor on whether they would use physical force to prevent their children from committing accidental suicide.

You got upvotes with that comment? Wow, the people around here ARE as retarded as the sub’s design would suggest! Get a life, or end yours. Whichever is easier. Probably suicide, and it would have the added benefit of removing one more would-be dictator from the population and gene pool. I’d offer to help, but your kind have banned assisted suicides so I guess I’ll just grab some popcorn.

Randroid redditor reacts calmly to the sight of a comment he disagrees with getting upvotes.

So stealing children is somehow better? Don’t agree with selling kids? Don’t sell them and don’t associate with those that buy them. You realize that governments run the child sex rings, right?

Randroid redditor gives a sound solution to the problem of child sex slavery.

Today in randroid land: simultaneously call statism “religion” and refer to statists as “heathens.”

Today on the list of things people don’t want you to know about Einstein: he was very vocally against the U.S.’s nuclear program, he was a socialist, he was an atheist, and he was married to his cousin.

This view of him that he was some sort of American patriot who loved god and traditional family values is so illiterate as to be an insult to his legacy. Also, SJWs should take notice that incest is not a synonym for rape. Although I suppose that is too much to handle in a website still struggling with whether the Jews had white privilege during the Holocaust. Baby steps.

First world problems: booting so fast off an SSD that my RAM DIMMs aren’t initialised yet, and the bootloader whines.

I DEFINITELY consider the idea of a ‘1st amendment zone’ to be as heinous as RAPING CHILDREN.

Randroid redditor showcases his incredible skill at comparisons once again.

A Special Reminder:


i dont know op enough to comment on their social or political views but you are

  1. taking the offensive on a post against kiddy porn
  2. using misogynistic language to do it

so im not sure why you think youre entitled to an opinion on anything ever

Take a look at this guys.

Tumblr encounters a neo-Nazi who advocates for the mass murder of people with a mental condition and the imprisonment of all who say otherwise, and their biggest issue is that I described them as a “cunt”, and not the murder, racism, fascism, or censorship. A linguistic triviality is a more important thing to call out than all of these things.

Differences between SJWs and neo-Nazis: none. Stay oppressed, idiots.

(Source: general-westergaard)

Another day, another libertarian argues that Hong Kong is a libertarian paradise. Yes, the same Hong Kong that’s part of the evil commie China they bash every other day of the year.

New Zealand was also mentioned. So if you know anyone in New Zealand, tell them they’re officially a libertarian paradise.

With the way this is going, we’re like 20 years away from Stalinist USSR being called a libertarian paradise.=

A Special Reminder:


  • That childporn is still childporn even if it’s drawn.
  • That if you get off looking at drawn pictures of childporn that you are still a pedophile.
  • That all pedophiles should be put to death.
  • That all pedophile apologists deserve to be jailed.

For a moment there I thought this was a SJW, which would make it standard tumblr material for the pedophilia tag, but the only reason I’m reblogging it is cause this is actually a neo-Nazi cunt. So this is ironically a reminder that SJWs and neo-Nazis have practically united in one big chunk of insanity. This is incredibly convenient, as you now only have to hate one big demographic of idiots instead of two separate ones.

This is Vas reporting the latest and greatest in SJW trends. Today I learned that novels featuring anti-heroes are literally oppression that do nothing but glorify evil, oppressive behaviour, problematic power structures, what have you. Erasing all the progress of modern literature with your faux-activist ultra-superficial analysis in one fell swoop is apparently the edgy thing to do. It’s also thankfully the same reason why these people flunk their classes.

I’m the STEM major; I’m supposed to be hilariously illiterate on these subjects. And yet no matter how little I know, at least I have the modesty to recognise my ignorance, instead of feigning omniscience like a teenage girl with a recently discovered, perpetually nebulous ideology who mistakes her inability to perceive nuance for an affinity towards profound epiphanies.

I am pleased, though. I enjoy that there’s still politically correct fagbutts still offended by the mere notion of ethically dubious protagonists in the 21st century. Life wouldn’t be worth living without the excitement of offending those who clearly are fine-tuned for offence. May their offence outlast the universe itself, so that future worlds can listen to the symphony of tweets of professional victimhood and first world problems.