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Anonymous said:

what do you think about avril lavigne's latest song - hello kitty?

Almost everything wrong with the music industry distilled to three minutes or so.

I'm going to a funeral tomorrow, cheer me up.

Harreh: I'm going to a funeral tomorrow, cheer me up
Vas: alright alright, I'm gonna say some killer jokes
Vas: a pacifist grim reaper cosplayer died yesterday… he reaps in peace
Harreh: Badum tss. That was a good one
Vas: Voldemort told Bellatrix to spread him out for double anal fisting. She turned him into quite the deathly hollow
Harreh: Oh good lord x3
Vas: Spice Girls and Disco meet up in the hell of fads long gone. Disco pulls out a shotgun and shoots them dead. Turns out they were… deader than disco
Vas: Johnny Kat, serial self-harmer, died tonight… the Kats lined up to see him
Harreh: Wat
Vas: cuts, lining up. Come on
Vas: okay okay I have a better one
Harreh: Oh dear. Come on you're losing it
Vas: a man was found with a bullet inside him… he explained to the doctors removing it from his rectum that the reason it had lipstick on it was cause he wanted a bullet for his valentine
Harreh: Oh god XD
Vas: the owner of the punctuation illiterate genie lamp was immensely surprised to receive a copy of tara gilesbie's masterpiece following her wish to be "my, immortal"
Harreh: Boo it's like being at Daniel tosh
Vas: the calmest man in the world died on top of mt. everest today… I guess he chilled out too much
Vas: Satan hired Oedipus, Rock Master Scott, and the Dynamic Three for his personal choir… Oedipus is perpetually locked in a fiery attic, the rest of them singing "We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn!"
Vas: in an alternate universe, the richest family in the world sent their regards to Stalin and Lenin for their gay marriage… I guess you'd call it a red wedding
Vas: a man found the dissolving remains of the world's largest sunken ship… he could distinctly make out "Sherlock x Watson" inscribed on the side
Harreh: I dare you to put up the latter joke on tumblr. Holy shit think of the responses
Vas: a pixie and tumblr accidentally stepped into a blender… I guess you'd call that tumblr-fey mousse
Vas: the world's gayest brony goes to hell… asked to describe how he died, he wrote on a parchment: ": D"
Harreh: A physicist was found dead in his office… they say his death was astronomical
Vas: I hope I entertained you
Harreh: Thank you for your patronage

Anonymous said:

maybe you should put one of those "+18 years old" disclaimers, maybe it has something to do with it, i doubt it but using one won't do any harm to neither you nor anybody so i don't know, try it anyway :00

I’ve already flagged my blog as NSFW, but you have a point.

Anonymous said:

Man I was so afraid sneakyspouic had deleted his blog himself and something might have had happened; I'm very glad it was 'just' a ban and happy to see he's safe.

Every time you wonder whether some vigilante threatened to do a blogger in, remember there’s people seriously afraid of the “persecution” they face cause Mario saves Peach in an 80s video game.


It seems like there has been a bit of a lolicon/pedophile hubbub on tumblr this evening. I’m not going to single anyone out or even wag fingers, but I do want to make a little PSA for anyone who’s interested in these matters.

Let me start off by saying that lolicon =/= pedophile. The terms are not the same and are not interchangeable. These are two separate interests and should not be lumped together automatically. I know a good deal of you may be wondering how many screws I have loose at this point, but stick with me. Lolicons are attracted to 2D girls exhibiting the features that would be indicative of a young girl in their respective show/moive/book/etc. Pedophiles are attracted to real life young girls. A fine line? Yes, but a line nonetheless. That being said, a person can be both. However, just as a person can be both, there are lolicons who are disinterested in or even disgusted by real children and likewise I would be far less than surprised if there were pedophiles with a disinterest or even disgust for lolis out there.

My second point is going to seem crazy at first, but bear with me here. Pedophiles do have a disgusting attraction, but they are not automatically bad people. You see, people cannot help what they are attracted to and pedophiles are no different. Their attraction to young girls may have spawned from circumstances in their past, a mental imbalance, or perhaps just being a perfectly normal person who happens to have this disturbing interest. Regardless of what caused it, a pedophile is not a horrible degenerate as long as the exercise my next point: control.

Pedophiles who make the decision to actually go out and rape a young child are horrible people. Acting upon their urges led them to abusing a child and that is in no way or sense okay. That being said, there are many pedophiles who do not act on their urges. These people control themselves and cause no harm. Sure, they may still be attracted to young girls, but as long as they never harm a child through direct abuse or indirect abuse (i.e. real child pornography) they are not in the wrong. If a man with a shoe fetish was walking down the street and saw a woman wearing a pair of shoes that really aroused him he is not obligated to make an advance on the woman and can simply walk by, exhibiting self control. Likewise, pedophiles are not all deranged lunatics and can exhibit the same amount of control.

Now let’s jump back to lolicons. Lolicons, as I’ve said, enjoy 2D young or young-looking girls. As long as they keep it 2D no real children are harmed (with the exception of “traced loli” which is real child pornography, but is not a commonplace occurrence). It’s possible that someone who is both a lolicon and a pedophile could be led to real abuse through continual masturbation to the 2D medium (lowering their self control, raising their arousal, etc), but again that’s the fault of their own lack of control. Most lolicons, pedophiles or not, keep to their own 2D world, so to speak, and would not dream of taking advantage of a girl, real or drawn, outside of their fantasies.

As long as it stays in their mind or in a drawn form and no actual living people are harmed then I, personally, don’t see an issue and I don’t believe others should either (but hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions).

People don’t have to take you at your word. Therapists and researchers, such as Sarah Goode, have also observed that the lolicon phenomenon in Japan and pedophilia are distinct demographics, and that self-described lolicons often experience disgust towards real children.

Other researchers have pointed out that very few regular consumers of lolicon commit crimes, or (rather ironically) that they identify as the female characters being depicted rather than their partners.

I hope you’re ready for major anon hate, though…

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

Anonymous said:

Hey sneakyspouic again. I'm pretty sure tumblr bans have nothing to do with pedophilia or whatever. It's just about being reported enough times. Pedophilia just happens to be a great topic to get mass reported. I got mass reported by people who didn't even read my blog (cause seriously, there was nothing illegal on there), and the ban was pretty much instant. And the email I used for the account is also banned from support so, welp. Entirely automatic oppression system. Welcome to the future.

On the same topic, we could assemble an anti-nazi or whatever squad of about 50 people and test the theory, see if we can destroy blogs in one click.

No, dude, you don’t understand. People have mass reported neo-Nazis / bigots / whatever and they’ve recevied some bullshit about “free speech”. It’s exclusively some very specific demographics that get banned.

I’ve seen lots of pedophilia blogs come and go, and all flavours get banned. Aggressive people, passive people, people who talked about what constitutes child pornography, people who didn’t, people who simply had “pedophile” in their about section and didn’t engage with the community whatsoever…

The only thing all these had in common is that they identified as pedophiles. Tumblr support seems to think being a pedophile violates their clause about being harmful to minors. But when we raise the issue of mass death threats, neo-Nazis etc. at them we get some bullshit about “free speech”.

If people getting banned for mental conditions is a thing now, let’s also ban all the anorexia, depression, and schizophrenia blogs. Because let’s get real, simultaneously worrying about political correctness when your site hosts terabytes of the most disgusting self-harm gore on the planet is bullshit.

Honestly, I don’t think sneakyspouic was banned because he argued about shōta, but because he was a pedophile. If you’re a pedophile on tumblr and want to talk about your condition, you’ll get banned, apparently.

If I get banned, check the #40niyr tag

A post will appear promptly about where you’ll be able to find me. You can also shoot me an email at

Do note that if I do get banned, I won’t be returning to tumblr.

Anonymous said:

Hey that's sneakyspouic or spouic or whatever. User whitesareterrorists managed to get me banned by hysterically telling all her followers to report me, for no reason other than me saying "shotacon doesn't rape real kids you know". That's all it takes to lose your account. I'm giving up on that awful place where people apparently enjoy being oppressed more than anything else. I'm just giving you the heads up if people are wondering, so if you could post this in the usual tags, thanks a lot. Hugs

Attempting to incite murder every single day = cool.

Saying that cartoons are fiction = ban.

All hail tumblr’s true face.

SJWs, take notice: this is the true face of Vas, the guy who runs 40niyr. His tentacles reach across planets and worlds to rape innocent children, goats, and Nyarlathotep.

Higher Resolution

SJWs, take notice: this is the true face of Vas, the guy who runs 40niyr. His tentacles reach across planets and worlds to rape innocent children, goats, and Nyarlathotep.



Who else misses Tumblr before it was this?

I miss the days when you could literally say whatever the fuck you wanted on this site without being invaded by a swarm of greyfaced idiots.

Those were good times.

Ha! There’s a post by wes in this one! I remember that. Honestly, the whole “pedophilia and white people” arc was such a massive trainwreck. I feel like an old man now.


lol block 40niyr he’s a ridiculous little man and a self proclaimed bigot



yes everyone trust the pedophila apologizing self proclaimed full time bigot, also block 40niyr

also do you have so little self esteem that you put the accent in shota